About the author

What is there to know about an author who prefers to remain anonymous?

She has lived a fairly long time, and in several regions of the United States.

She’s been a Boy Scout, a Girl Scout, a hippie, a corporate button-down type, bad at math, good at math, half of a two-headed dragon, a fortune teller, a computer geek, a college dropout, a cum laude graduate, a city mouse, a country mouse.

She was classified ‘brilliant’ at a very young age. Interestingly, even ‘brilliant’ people can make some fantastically idiotic decisions or be blind to the obvious, as this blog will prove repeatedly.

She is the stereotypical absent-minded professor, with active, child-like imagination. For instance, one day, her cell phone ejected itself from her back pocket as she stood up from the toilet. Hearing the splash, she turned to look for the source. Her first thought upon spying the foreign black object in the commode was, “IS THAT A CITY SEWER ALLIGATOR?”

If only it had been.


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